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Kick-start your landscaping digitalisation transformation journey with Treescape Power.
Up to 50% Enterprise Development Grant (EDG)


Scan trees QR code and manage their health statuses

Create, assign and monitor a variety of tasks

Analyze operations, improve efficiency and lower expenses costs

View landscape project profitability and manage expense costs seamlessly

At Treescape, our hearts beat to the rhythm of the landscape industry

Our exclusive focus lies within the landscape industry.

We are dedicated to crafting specialized software solutions tailored specifically to meet the unique needs and challenges of landscape professionals and businesses. It is more than meets the eye with Treescape's software - completely automating your laborious operations.

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Our Story

with our years of experience, we are committed to stay at the forefront by keeping in touch with state-of-art technology and providing top notch customer service support.

Since 2009

We are a next-generation company that provides solutions to businesses that will transform their operations into the digital age and propel productivity growth.

We are inspired to keep working on continuous improvement in Agile methodology for Treescape Power software development.


“With Treescape Power, you will be able to save hundreds of hours each year."

Jeffrey Tan - Founder & CEO


Every plant begins with the interest of a seed. The growth journey that each business embarks with us is different and it will change the perspective of productivity.


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