We are delighted to share the momentous achievement of AMG Concept Pte Ltd, as we have been honoured with the esteemed ESCAP Sustainable Business Network (ESBN) Asia-Pacific Green Deal Green Badge. This prestigious award stands as a resounding affirmation of our steadfast commitment to advancing sustainable practices and playing an active role in realizing the objectives outlined in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The receipt of the ESBN Asia-Pacific Green Deal Green Badge is not just an accolade; it is a testament to our dedication to environmental stewardship and the integration of sustainable principles into the fabric of our operations. This recognition serves as a source of immense pride and encouragement for our team.

In a concerted effort to fortify business leadership in championing the principles of the 2030 Agenda, ESBN has formed a strategic alliance with STACS, a premier Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) data and technology company in Asia. This collaborative initiative has given birth to the ESBN Asia-Pacific Green Deal for Businesses Program, a pioneering effort hosted on STACS’s state-of-the-art ESGpedia platform.

The ESBN Asia-Pacific Green Deal for Businesses Program signifies a proactive step toward fostering sustainable practices within the business landscape. By providing a dedicated space on the ESGpedia platform, businesses gain access to a wealth of resources and insights aimed at guiding them on their journey towards sustainability. This collaborative program emerges as a beacon for companies aspiring to integrate sustainable practices into their core ethos.

AMG Concept is honoured to be a participant in this forward-looking program and to be distinguished with the ESBN Asia-Pacific Green Deal Green Badge. Beyond the accolade, this recognition propels us to continue our mission of innovation and sustainability.

As we navigate the path forward, AMG Concept remains committed to delivering solutions that not only meet the highest standards of environmental and social responsibility but also empower businesses to thrive in a sustainable and ethical manner. The ESBN Asia-Pacific Green Deal Green Badge motivates us to persist in our pursuit of a greener, more sustainable future, and we are excited about the opportunities it presents for our ongoing journey in sustainable business practices.

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