AMG Concept recently had the pleasure of participating in A*STAR Technology x LIAS sharing session for members of the Landscape Industry Association (Singapore) (LIAS) held at A*STAR Tech MarketPlace.

Over 70 members from LIAS turned up and we definitely had an engaging session with them.

LIAS event with Treescape (1)

We took this opportunity to introduce Treescape, our innovative Landscape Tree Tracker & Project Management software.

LIAS Singapore

Key Features that we have highlighted during the talk:

  • The future of the landscaping industry
  • Current challenges in the landscaping industry
  • How can we help to optimize workflows, reduce administrative time, and free up resources for growth
  • How can landscaping companies get accurate reports fast
  • The grants (up to 70%) SMEs can tap on
  • And more!

We are here to empower the future of Landscape Management.

At Treescape Power (AMG Concept), we are dedicated to developing innovative solutions that empower the landscape industry. We believe Treescape can be a game-changer for landscape companies in Singapore, helping them achieve greater efficiency, profitability, and sustainability!

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